Complete Solution for the Siemens Explora™ Synthesis Module for FDG4 Production (CS-500):
Synth-Ease™ Reagent Kit for the Siemens Explora™ Synthesis Module for FDG4 Production (RK-500)
Ancillary Supply Set for the Siemens Explora™ Synthesis Module for FDG4 Production (AS-500)
Purification Columns Set (KT-500)
Cartridge Case (KT-501)

RK-500-sm KT-500 KT-501 AS-500
Synth-Ease™ Reagent Kit for the Siemens Explora™ Synthesis Module for FDG4 Production (RK-500)
Reagent Contents   Vial Size
1.1.1 Sterile Water for Injection   100 ml
1.1.2 Acetonitrile   100 ml
1.1.3 Mannose Triflate*   30 ml
1.1.4 Eluent Solution   30 ml 
1.1.5 Hydrochloric Acid   30 ml
  *Mannose Triflate is packed and shipped separately for refrigeration.  
Ancillary Supply Set for the Siemens Explora™ Synthesis Module for FDG4 Production
Quantity Item    
4 Millex-GV®, 0.22 μm, PVDF, 4 mm, Ethylene Oxide Sterilized 
4 Millex-GS®, 0.22 μm, Mixed Cellulose Esters, 25 mm with Vented Inlet, Ethylene Oxide Sterilized 
4 IV Extension Set 72" x 4  
4 Reaction Vessel 16 mm x 100 mm   
5 Reaction Vial / Product Vial - 30 ml Sterile Nonpyrogenic   
5 Check Valve  
5 Vial Spike   
4 Three-Way Stopcock   
4 Sep-Pak Light® Accell Plus QMA   
Purification Columns Set    
Cartridge Case    

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