4-nitro-N,N,N-trimethylanilinium trifluoromethanesulfonate (Custom Volume)

Precursor for Aryl [18F]Fluorides
Product No.: NMT-95-000X

4-nitro-N,N,N-trimethylanilinium trifluoromethanesulfonate
Product No.:NMT-95
CAS No.:Not yet assigned

Product Name:  4-nitro-N,N,N-trimethylanilinium trifluoromethanesulfonate
Synonyms:  4-nitro-N,N,N-trimethylanilinium trifluoromethanesulfonate
CAS No.:  Not yet assigned
Molecular Formula:  C8H7F3N2O5S
Molecular Weight:  300.21
Application:  Precursor for Aryl [18F]Fluorides
Presentation: Packaged in amber vials or amber screw-cap vials with teflon-coated stoppers under argon atmosphere

Storage and Stability

  • Store the product at -20 ºC, protected from light.
  • Short-term storage at higher temperatures does not affect product quality.


  • Complete documentation - Certificates of Analysis including testing reports of 1H-NMR and HPLC spectra for each shipment
  • Customized dispensing available


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