Doubly Labelled Oxygen-18 Water (Custom Volume)

Custom volume
Product No.: DLW-10-000X

Doubly Labeled Water - 10 Atom % 18O/10 Atom% D
Product No.: DLW-10
CAS No.: 14674-67-0

Specifications (According to Representative Certificate of Analysis)
Test Specification Results Units
O-18 9.8~10.2 10.01 Atom %
Deuterium (D) 9.8~10.2 10.00 Atom %
Appearance Clear, colorless, free of visible particulate matter Passes Test  
Conductivity <10 7.53 μS/cm
pH 6~9 8.62  
Sterility Sterile Sterile  
Application: Energy expenditure measurement in humans and animals
Manufactured according to cGMP, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 requirements.
Store the product at room temperature.
For use by qualified personnel only.