Mannose Triflate (50 mg)

Precursor for [18F]FDG
Product No.: MT-99-0050

Mannose Triflate
Product No.:MT-99
CAS No.:92051-23-5

Product Name: Mannose Triflate
Synonyms: 1,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-2-O-trifluoro-methanesulfonyl-beta-D-mannopyranose;TATM
CAS No.: 92051-23-5
Molecular Formula: C15H19F3O12S
Molecular Weight: 480.37
Application: Precursor for [18F]FDG


  • Care must be used when handling this product.
  • Do not contact skin or eyes.
  • Do not ingest or inhale.
  • Product should be used only by qualified personnel.

Storage and Stability

  • Store at <-20 ℃, protected from light.
  • Short-term storage (<1 month) at higher temperatures (e.g. during transport) does not affect product quality.


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